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Featured Artist – Reachdown

Featured Artist – Reachdown

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Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods




Reachdown hails from Northern California. Their music is what rock & roll used to be and now is again! Their music will make you want to get up and party your ass off. These guys have a mix or music for anyone. The future is theirs. Storm, GalaxyStorm Radio.


Monk: Guitar
Armando Sanchez: Lead Guitar
Gabriel: Vocals
Peter Souza: Bass
Mark Allee: Drums

Reachdown was born on January 25, 1999 in Northern California . In its beginning stages, Reachdown concentrated on its sound and style, pulling from and listening to all genres of music. Everything from Sam Cooke to the Melvin’s has helped to create the diverse and versatile band they are today.

They are a collective of sound, existing to persist and change the ever evolving definition of music itself. Gabriel contributes the long lost vocal range and power that contemporary singers of old displayed before TRY teeny bopper bands and corporate America of the late nineties drove a stake into the heart of the music industry. “Punk was a pointless movement, it obviously didn’t succeed, rock and roll is dead.” Bassist Peter Souza was raised during the late eighties and has no grasp of musical history at all, and has no idea who Led Zeppelin is. He heard the song “Rock and Roll” and thought it was a Cadillac commercial. It is perhaps his complete isolation from the roots of music that gives him his unique and creative sound.

Monk, rhythm guitarist, hates the progressive metal movement of late and brings to the table songwriting skills that rival those of Johnny Cash and the Beatles. “(prog metal) is the most unfelt, sterile music I’ve ever heard, you’ll never get laid listening to Joe Saurian. But I can promise you that you get a six pack and an AC/DC album, they’re will be a happy ending.” Drummer Mark Allele’s is heralded by critics as bridging the gap between power and technique: Neil Part and John Bonham’s bastard child. Lead guitarist Armando Sanchez was raised on great rock gods of yore such as Randy Rhoads, Dave Muscatine and John Patrice. He is a student of Musicians Institute in Hollywood California and when not tending to his throngs of fatherless children, he enjoys fine tequila and whale watching.

Reachdown incorporates a sound that embellishes the pioneering approach to recording music of the 60’s, the hard rock anthems of the 70’s, the atmospheric English post-punk sound of the 80’s, and the heavy crunch attitude of the 90’s. They are a welcomed return to rock, done with an original fresh grandeur.

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