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Featured Artist – Pretty in Stereo

Featured Artist – Pretty in Stereo

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Pretty in Stereo – Everything




Pretty in Stereo is a great all female rock & roll band from Orange County, California.  These ladies will rock your socks off. They are the tightest all female band I have ever heard. From the thundering drums, the blistering guitar, the hammering bass, to the melodic vocals, we are talking about great musicians. These gals have what it takes to make it to the top.  Storm, GalaxyStorm Radio.


Following a long line of musical ground-breakers from Orange County, California, that include Rage Against The Machine and Social Distortion, Pretty In Stereo, the all-female quartet, breaks the confines of gender-labels in Rock music and delivers memorable, emotionally-driven songs, equally melodic and undeniable to the ear. Easily answering the eternal question of ” Can girls rock ?,” Pretty In Stereo shames naysayers with hook-laden songs such as ” OCD” and ” Okay,” easily turning them into believers and then fans with every listen.

Despite the musical appeal of Pretty In Stereo, the success of the band resides in the individual strengths, intelligence, and varying interests of all band members. While Christine Fullwood’s lead guitar playing echoes the prowess of her musician father Fully Fullwood ( Bob Marley, Peter Tosh), bassist Lynn Ellen holds down the bottom end – bringing her deep knowledge of music to the band – which includes expertise on other instruments such as the clarinet and saxophone. Dynamic drummer Jodi Joy, whose playing was cultivated through personal lessons from greats that include world renowned jazz drummer Howard Curtis and Def Leppard’s Rick Allen, steps out on her own with technical yet tasteful chops, shadowing a young and inventive Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. Rounded out by front-woman and all-around mind Natalie Poole, who has a firm grasp of Meteorology, Computer Science, and Astrophysics, fills Pretty in Stereo’s songs with insightful lyrics, powerful guitar riffs, and a voice that demands the listener’s attention. Music Connection, one of top music industry magazines in North America, agrees, saying, ” Poole has a rich vocal range that brings to mind Bangles vocalist Susanna Hoffs. The fact that she is also Hollywood-ingenue beautiful is just icing on the cake. ”

Though relatively fresh to the Los Angeles scene, Pretty in Stereo has already garnered attention world-wide, leading to performances on television and licensing opportunities on major television networks. ” Fade, ” a song that online surfing mecca used as the backbone in one of their video clips, continues to draw people to Pretty In Stereo’s own site, drawing visitors of nearly 10,000 strong and converting them into instantaneous fans. Likewise, their track, ” Forever in A Day,” was featured in the TV Guide Channel’s documentary about Kimberly Caldwell, finalist in the national phenomenon American Idol. Soon to be idols themselves, Pretty In Stereo is Modern Rock at its finest- powerful, melodic, and inescapable, and you don’t have to be a man or a woman to recognize that.

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