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Beautiful Listener – Victoria Lane

Beautiful Listener – Victoria Lane


Sexy Victoria Lane hails from Los Angeles and she totally digs GalaxyStorm Radio and is fan of D.J. Storm. We have posted some of her tame pictures!

She is a retro pinup and fetish model and actress.

She has a very old Hollywood style and a deep love of the art of the pinup (circa 1920-1960). She is one of the many girls who’s goal is to keep the art of cheesecake alive. She says; Tongue in cheek “Oops! You caught me!”, coy, innocently naughty, pointedly seductive old school pinup is a burning love and the only nudity she will do. She likes teasing, artistic eroticism with class. Recently, her modeling interests have turned to a film noir style, incorporating classic pinup with the dark genre of film making where the women were more powerful and the subject matter complex, much like the Shakespeare so close to her heart. Sporting an eclectic resume and a vast array of interests,

Victoria’s performance experience runs the wild gamut from classical to subculture edgy. Victoria’s experiences have been primarily with the independent film world, rather than major studio productions. She formed her own production company, Hollywood Babylon Productions, for the primary purpose of jumping into the deep end of the pool. Here are just some of her credits: Film/Television – The Blind Date, Camp Burlesque, And Hell Followed, Damned Nation, Decadent Evil: Vampire Diaries II, Fall to Pieces -Velvet Revolver Music Video, A Year And A Day, Slither – Velvet Revolver Music Video, Mountain Dew Nation – Spike TV. Nip/Tuck, The Vampire Subculture – The Discovery Channel, Camp Fetish – The History Channel. Theater/Musicals – Shakespeare At the Huntington, (In production – See her live on April 24th with Shakespeare At Play and the Guild of St. George at The Huntington!), The 24s – Reloaded Into The Woods, The Merchant of Venice, The Pirates of Penzance, Good News, Anything Goes. Modeling – Besame Cosmetics, Evidence Room 10th Anniversary (featured model in art installation and curator), Taboo Exchange, Three by One, (featured model in series by Ilona Pacek), Big Ass Motors of Hollywood – Miss November 2004, Mistress Persephone’s Sick Chicks, Whispers of the Mind art series by Richard Rasner, Damsel Diary, Poison Pinups, Restrained Photo, Corporal Bondage, Bombshell Magazine, Sex Pot, Art of Naughtiness, Fetish Bliss, Latex Fashions, JZB Photography, Trashville – Miss April 2003.

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