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Beautiful Listener – Char E

Beautiful Listener – Char E


Meet Char E’ (pronounced Shar-A) this aspiring Actress, Commercial Print Model has a name as unique and exotic as her looks.

She is a huge fan on GalaxyStorm Radio.

Char E, Born in Mississippi and raised in  New Mexico, this leggy Model  boast  a spicy mix of African American, Choctaw Indian, Sudanese (the Sudan) and Irish heritage that attributes her well defined features and doe shaped eyes.  Char E’ unlike the majority of other aspiring Models, is proud of her mature age of 38 and claims that  almost 40 will soon be the new age of Hollywood.

She has beat out thousands of woman half her age for major roles in the past and has even been turned away from Castings because the Producer was looking for an “Older Woman”

Char E is not new to Modeling and is the first recognized African American Painted Pin-up Model on the Internet.  This leggy beauty has appeared in a string of national & international Commercials. Some of her other credits include hosting a Music Video Show for PAX TV, The Film “Full Service”-Stripper Candie (Supporting Role)  TV Show-Las Vegas,  TV Show  “South Beach” The Line (to be released) The Retirement with Rapper Coolio (to be released) The Transporter 2, Voice Over – Huggies Pampers (Principle) Albertsons Grocery Stores,  Hyundai Cars, Mizzuno Sport Tennis Shoes (Principle)  Honda Cars,  The  Davoucci Girl,  Wheeling Downs Casinos, (feature) (Model Spotlight Interview) Prelude To A Kiss (off-Broadway) Ms. Photogenic John Casablanca Pageant, Cool-Cig Bill Board, TV Show-Law & Order and a host of other .Com Entertainment Websites as a Feature. Char E’ has been fortunate to have worked on both sides of the Entertainment Industry. Aside from being a fresh face on the market, she has worked with top rate Casting Directors on both coast assisting with Castings on Feature Films and was the owner of Pittsburgh, Pa’s first Casting, Referral & Talent Agency in the mid 90’s.

You can check out some of her stuff at

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