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Beautiful Listener – Debora Cassano

Beautiful Listener – Debora Cassano


Beautiful Debra Cassano was born in Guarbo, Puerto Rico, raised in New York, and currently lives in Miami Florida.

Debra loves DJ Storm and GalaxyStorm radio.

She is recording a new album which will be featured on the GalaxyStorm Radio. Debra is a student, and a professional actress and model.

She has been in Movies, TV shows, Commercials, Film, Theater, and in print ads. Some of her accomplishments include but are not limited to: Lead Role in Electra Woman to be released in 2005–Director Austin Guerin, Lead Role in the film adaptation of Untamed Seas –a made for TV movie to be aired in 2005–Director Larry Engle, Lead–The Pat Croce Show Movin In–Director Jeannie O Neal–aired 2-22-05, Lead–The Pat Croce Show Movin In Update Show–Director Jude Prest—2005, Principal Role in The Yazuka Connection–HBO miniseries–2005–Director Brad Fuller–2005, Featured in The Cradle Story–airing on Nipon Television in Japan–Director–Naoko. She has also done ads for Gucci, Harley Davidson , and Wal-Mart just to name a few.

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