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Beautiful Listener – Layne D’ Angelo

Beautiful Listener – Layne D’ Angelo


Sexy Layne D’ Angelo is a huge fan of the radio station and D.J. Storm. Her tattoos are fantastic!

We welcome her to the GalaxyStorm Entertainment family.

Layne says:

Hi, I’m Layne. I am a Dallas, Texas based model open to most anything creative and edgy. I am very versatile and am skilled at producing different looks to fit the project at hand. I pride myself in my professionalism and ability to contribute much creativity to a shoot. I am also a burlesque performer with my group, the Cadaver Cabaret. I enjoy photo shoots that are very stylized and off the wall. The stranger the better! I am fairly heavily tattooed and am always working on new pieces.

You can see me on myspace at:

I have a yahoo group with tons of images at:


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