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Beautiful Listener – Lilith Stabs

Beautiful Listener – Lilith Stabs


Sexy Lilith Stabs is an actress, model, writer and photographer.

She is a fan of D.J. Storm and GalaxyStorm Radio.

Since the late 90s Lilith has been hard at work on her acting career, starring in over 20 independent movies (mostly b-horror). A few titles include Bad Movie Police, Vampire Callgirls, Severe Injury, Something to Scream About, etc. She has traveled the U.S. extensively doing convention appearances, meeting the fans. She has appeared in numerous magazines including Femme Fatales, Draculina, Gothic Beauty, Flick, etc. She also appeared as herself and helped comic book character Razor battle demons in the London Night Studios comic book series Razor. She recorded a cd of industrial styled music (never officially released). Her most recent endeavors include photography of models and bands & bunnies (look for a new site soon) Phelony Photo. And currently writing a children’s book and her biography.

Busy, busy busy. But never ever too busy for her two adorable pet bunnies Serena and Samantha, often they are sidekicks of hers at convention appearances and even have some fans of their own. You can reach Lilith via email and visit her site at

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