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Beautiful Listener – Maria

Beautiful Listener – Maria


Sexy and Beautiful Maria is a California babe from Costa Mesa, California.

Talk about a fan pushing the no nude limits 🙂

If you could only see the pictures of Maria that could not be published 🙂

Maria is a loyal die hard fan of D.J. Storm and GalaxyStorm Radio. She is a very talented model and actress. She also digs the band RUSH!

Believe me when I say these are the tame pictures guys!!

D.J. Storm predicts a great future in the Entertainment world for Maria!! You will soon being seeing sexy Maria in some GalaxyStorm Entertainment productions and on a promo video for the radio station.

Here are some of Maria’s accomplishments: Dream Axis Talent of the Year 2nd Runner-Up, Devine Pictures, Lady Killer Clothing, Reality Group, Gothic Films, D&D TV PRODUCTION, Sweet Strings Swimwear, DGL Designs Ad Campaign Purse Model,  Essential Designs, Unique Nudes, BangBang Photo, Digratia Art Model, BIOX Extreme Team Girl, Theatre Acting Includes: Pirates of Penzance, 42cd Street, A Thurber Carnival, Through the Looking Glass, Bye Bye Birdie, Traveling Tour Show “I Didn’t Know That”, Robinsons May Charity Fashion Shows, Bank of America Drama Award, Competing in festivals such as DTASC, National Anti-Drug Commercial, Directed and produced Drama Showcase, Extensive travel throughout the world, Cheerleader, Extra Feature Film “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”.

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