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Beautiful Listener – Molly Crabapple

Beautiful Listener – Molly Crabapple


Molly Crabapple a 21 year old New York babe, love’s GalaxyStorm Radio.

She is a retro fetish model with a knack for drawing- or a Victorian illustrator who takes off her clothes to pay the bills. Either way, the big-eyed twenty-one year old has met with extraordinary success. Photographed for Vellum, Low-rider and, and by the famously transgressive lens of Eric Kroll, Molly also contributes drawings to Playgirl and SCREW.

A certified workaholic? Surely. Molly also writes columns on modeling, travels about the East, and dances burlesque in NYC. “I can’t just model” says Molly. “It’s dull to be a doll.”

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