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Beautiful Listener – Paolina Mione

Beautiful Listener – Paolina Mione


Paolina is a beautiful fan of D.J. Storm and GalaxyStorm Radio.


She says; “I do not have a bio, but here’s a little about myself. First off, I may be little but there is nothing little about me! I grew up in a bad town with horrible parents.


Left at 14, and vowed to make a better life for myself. It has taken a lot of hard work, but it has been rewarding. I have 2 beautiful little girls (was married for 5 years), I am a Real Estate Agent, a bartender, and recently life has opened up the door for me to go after my passion of acting. I always stay positive and people are drawn to me for that.”

She is looking to expand her portfolio and take her acting abilities to the next level. She is extremely motivated, dependable, professional and fun to work with.


Lead as Susan in “Joe and Susan a love story” Short directed by Aaron Levinson

Lead as patient in an instructional video receiving a cancer screening

Featured extra in a Hollywood film “hasty hasty don’t fall in love” Post production-Out December07

Stand in for lead actress “Dead and alive” Short Directed by Roberto Lopez


Pepper in “Annie” High school production


Fitness, poetry, singing ability


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