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Beautiful Listener – Sazzy Lee Varga

Beautiful Listener – Sazzy Lee Varga


Beautiful and very Sexy Sazzy Lee Varga is a seasoned professional actress and model.

She sent us some of stunning pictures, which push the no nudity policy to the limits!

Too bad you cannot see the pictures that were not published.

Sazzy is a loyal fan of D.J. Storm and GalaxyStorm radio. She listens to the station as often as possible.

You have seen Celebrity – Sazzy Lee Varga, this past month on the Sci-Fi Channel- Premier of “Chupacabra-Dark Seas” (Premiered January 29 and Re-broadcasts February 3, 2005) Sazzy Lee Varga plays the part of ‘The Purser’ aboard a cruise ship that comes under attack by the Legendary Chupacabra. Varga plays opposite ships Captain, John Rhys-Davies (“The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, “Indiana Jones” and Fox’s “Sliders”). Other films to be release with in the year include her work as ‘Sandra Blacker’ in “Fault Line” a film with Doug Savant (“Melrose Place”) for HBO and Blockbuster, ‘Mother’ and ‘Pam-party girl’ in “Danta’s Cove” with William Gregory Lee (“Dark Angle”, & “Young Indiana Jones”) for the Hear TV and finally ‘The Alumni Clerk’ in “Blind Injustice” with Jamie Luner (“Melrose Place”) for LifeTime. Sazzy Lee Varga has also appeared alongside Curtis Armstrong (Oscar-nominated “Ray”) Corbin Bernson (“LA Law”) and Tracy Scoggins (“Babylon 5”), and – according to another press release “Super Model Varga beat out Cindy Margolis for this role” in “Like a Rock” a feature short, staring Varga as the girl friend of Armstrong who embarks in a quest as a first time director. There is only one International Pop Icon Sazzy. Additional info on Sazzy Lee Varga She has been featured in countless magazine covers and layouts including: STUFF, Easyriders, Fitness Beauties, Hot Boat, Hot Bike Total Skater, Inline Skater, Street Rodder, Hot Rod Bikes, American Rodder, Truckin, Playboy, Venus Swimwear, VEX clothing, Hot Trends Clothing, Ads for: Micro Tech, Essex Boats, Bendigo Swim wear, Body Glove, Bennetton, Tango Swimwear, Factory Pipe, Ipanema, Mar*Y*Sol Just add Water, Pro Circuit, Vent-Tech, Taissa Lada Designs, Posters/Calendars: Easyriders, Synthetic Skate Oil, Factory Pipe, Soda Pop Girls Best of Swimsuit Posters, Milwaukee’s Finest, Iron Angels Poster, Babe’s on Bikes Poster-with Miller Beer, Videos/TV or CD roms which include: KottonMouth Kings for MTV, Baywatch, Speed Channel “Broken Spoke Girl”, Angle Eyes, Crystal Fantasy, Girls of Wheels, and Shelly Michelle’s Body Doubles. You can reach Sazzy at her website at:

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