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GalaxyStorm Radio was founded by D. J. Storm in Hollywood California in 2002.

After spending several years on mainstream on air radio doing rock ‘n roll radio shows, D.J. Storm decided that he was tired of traditional radio stations telling him what to play and what he could say.

Through the medium of the Internet, D.J .Storm could not only play what he wanted to, but he didn’t have to worry about complying with FCC rules with respect to what he says on air.

The rest is history. GalaxyStorm Radio has been a hit ever since.

Voted the number one rated Internet rock ‘n roll radio station for many years in a row, GalaxyStorm Radio continues to have one of the best rock ‘n roll playlists in the industry.

Coupled with comedy, and songs by new artists, you’ll find that the music we play at GalaxyStorm Radio is literally the best in the industry.

So click the play button on the top left of the website, and listen to some great tunes, some great comedy, and other things, while you do what you do on the Internet.

If you have the right equipment, you can also stream GalaxyStorm Radio from your computer to a standard stereo. You will find the quality of the music coming out of our stream to be greater than CD-quality.

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