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Miss GalaxyStorm Radio Leigh Silver

We are proud to introduce Miss GalaxyStorm Radio, Leigh Silver. She is a beautiful woman of many talents. She also happens to be a Rock Star. She plays with a band called Bitterthings. She is on MTV, and is also a professional model. Soon you will see more of her on GalaxyStorm Radio. Look for her upcoming GalaxyStorm Entertainment promotional video, and her upcoming interview with DJ Storm!! In the meantime here is stuff that has been written about Leigh by magazines and reviewers all over the nation!!

Here is Miss GalaxyStorm Radio’s BIO

“Just heard a CD by newcomer Leigh Silver and are we ever impressed! She is like a mix of Avril Lavigne meets Joan Jett but definitely has her own sound and style. You can expect to hear more about this major musical talent.”
-New Music Weekly, 1/23/04

“Leigh is just what Rock & Roll needs right now.”
-Mike Galaxy/Band Promote.

“First of all. Let’s get to the point…. Leigh Silver is a STAR.
It’s that simple.  Leigh Silver =RockStar”
-Todd Trash-Reject Records

Originally hailing from Philadelphia, Leigh spent her first few years in Los Angeles in Rock Star 101 as a main bartender at LA’s premier rock breeding ground, the Troubadour.  She is now a professional model. She was not created by producers of a “reality” show, or assembled in a “Franken-Popstar” type laboratory in sunny Florida.

She honed her craft on the mean streets of Philadelphia using a trial-by-fire regiment to develop her incredible voice, stage presence, and songwriting skills.  Instead of aspiring for a slot on the Mickey Mouse Klub, she packed-up and moved to LA. Instead of singing live to a DAT, she formed a kick-ass live band, the Bitterthings.
Within a few shows,

Hollywood was abuzz about the new-kid-in-town, and soon after she was working on a debut EP with the respected musical forces of Tommy Stinson,  (Replacements, Guns n’ Roses) Chris Vrenna, (Nine Inch Nails) John Dolmayan,  (System of a Down) Mark Blasquez, (Line 6)and Bill Kennedy (9/01)Since, she has co-written 26 songs with legendary producer/songwriter Kim Fowley and has also worked with Lucky 7, Shaun Kama (Damnation, Blood Junkies), and many others including vocals for the debut CD of the Line (Volcom). Leigh Silver & the BitterThings have been rapidly expanding their presence online and in the Los Angeles music scene with appearances at top clubs throughout the region

*Leigh’s first CD, Catfight, was nominated for best song and album of the year -2002(

*All 6 songs on her latest EP were licensed to MTV for use on 3 of its original series —
Surf Girls, Camp Jim and now~
The finale of Laguna Beach. episode #111(

*January 2003 cover girl of California Song Magazine (50,000 distribution in California)

*Los Angeles’s All Access magazine awards The Bitterthings,

” Best Pop band in Los Angeles, 2003″

*Featured on live 105fm in San Francisco and 103.5fm The Fox in Canada,
WRFR FM in Maine and receiving air play at other radio stations across North America, Europe, and the internet.

*Many live on-air radio and internet appearances

*Received three glowing reviews in Music Connection

*Featured at numerous on-line magazines, indie movies, internet radio programs, and music websites  as well as “track of the day” for four different songs — three in rock and one in pop — at

*Various listening stations in select Virgin stores and others…

*Continuously sells out of CDs at CD she currently has distribution

The last Leigh Silver & the Bitter Things EP was completed in June 2003. It was co-produced by Sean O’Dwyer & Leigh Silver. Other projects Sean has worked on have included: Sum 41, Blink 182, Fenix TX, Strife, and the GoGo’s.

*Presently recording new record with Gina Schock of the GoGo’s

*Record includes songs by Jimmy Harry (Britney Spears, FiFi Dobson, Fischer Spooner, Kimberly Clarkson,
Ashlee Simpson, Skye Sweetnum…)

*To be engineered by Chuck Reed(Interscope).