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Featured Artist – DRiVEPiN

Featured Artist – DRiVEPiN

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DRiVEPiN – Cold


Drivepin – Lost


DRiVEPiN is a band from San Diego, California. The bottom line, these guys kick ass. Their vocals combined with jamming music make DRiVEPiN a band that is heading for superstardom. They are tight, and above all, they are what rock & roll is supposed to be. Storm, GalaxyStorm Radio.


DRiVEPiN’s brand of hard rock is diverse in texture and delivery. This electrifying four-piece hailing from San Diego delivers a tight performance with knock-out punches and unruly power. “Thank you.  Finally something that I can listen to. This is great music.  The production is good, the band is tight and the song just kicks pants.  Extra Credit:Guitars, Production.”– Jeremy TG, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. review of the song “Cold” by DRiVEPiN.

Formed in 2001, DRiVEPiN includes members Rich Ducharme (guitar), Ryan Elias (bass), Mike Ellison (drums) and Ryan Holmes (vocals). Long-time friends and music store co-workers Ducharme and Elias started DRiVEPiN as an off-shoot of a cover-band focusing on popular hard rock and metal tunes.  Discovering a growing passion for writing original material and with the addition of Ryan Holmes, formerly of Spin Records signed-artist F.K.A, they began to perform as an acoustic three-piece at small local venues.  Adding a drummer, the band “plugged-in” and started playing shows in well known San Diego clubs.  Within six months the group had written more than a dozen songs and began work on their self-titled debut album.  Mike Ellison joined the band in 2004, bringing improved dynamic to the heavy rhythms that drive the band’s live performances.

DRiVEPiN sites influences ranging from contemporary and 90’s hard rock acts such as Tool, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Mudvayne and System Of A Down to 60’s and 70’s rock icons Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

The album DRiVEPiN (2004) includes ten original songs about relationships, fairness, being caught in the middle, getting burned and starting over.  Tracks range in muscularity and subtle nuance, each with devastating riffage and smart vocal passages.  “Cold” is a forceful, souring and energetic announcement about surviving past tragedies.  With it’s driving rhythm and heavy finish, it opens the door for the floor-dropping “Walking The Dead’, a haunting blast on family tragedy. The band’s maturity is demonstrated further through clever combinations of hook and heavy handed instrumentation on crowd-pleasing tunes “Barriers,” “Listen,” and “Plain” a discussion between father and son about being absent during the coming of age. DRiVEPiN has delivered an album that excites, grooves and delivers knock-out blows.



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