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Beautiful Listener – Catherine Bowers

Beautiful Listener – Catherine Bowers


Sexy Catherine Bowers is a Canadian babe who submitted her pictures for the beautiful listener section. She loves D.J. Storm and GalaxyStorm Radio. We welcome her to the GalaxyStorm Entertainment Family!

Catherine says: “I am 20 yrs. old, half black half white, 5’3, 100lbs brown eyes 2 tattoos one on stomach one on lower back soon will be getting the Playboy bunny with playmate under it going to be HOT, I love Playboy I have everything u can imagine of Playboy from the book to neon sign to tables to mirrors everything.

I wear a Playboy dog tag everyday around my neck with my name engraved on the back. My nick name has become Bunny. I live in Canada move between Halifax, NS to Montreal QC every year for the past 6 yrs., moving to Montreal on the 13th for 6 months to do some modeling and acting gigs. Than will be heading to Los Angeles hopefully soon after that. I love Los Angeles fell in love as soon as I stepped off the plane in Feb. I love the beach, I love to show off my body and love to get all the attention. I love “That 70s Show”.

I love Jackie (Mila Kunis), hottest female ever. I am Bi-sexual love the ladies and the men.”

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